Keep the Mind Young- the daily challenge -June 19th, 2023

There is beauty in the routine, in the ritual of repeating the same actions while continually discovering something new. This morning, I came across a huge mushroom in my backyard. The recent heavy rainfall has brought them out. It is during this time that I venture into the woods, searching for the Hen of the Woods or the Chicken of the Wood to gather and savor. It is also an opportunity for me to stretch and play with my dog, each of us having our own reasons for loving the stick…

It’s playtime for both of us, a precious moment to embrace the early morning and for me to start the day with a deep inhale and exhale, stretching my shoulders and smiling at the morning. Being in this moment allows me to ground myself, accept, relax, and welcome what is here and what is yet to come. It enables me to express gratitude for what I have and to view the little things that make life so significant with a smile and love.

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