Keep the Mind Young- the daily challenge -June 23rd, 2023

“How do I keep my mind young?” asked my one and only blog reader as we strolled with our dogs. Then came the classic query, “Who are your clients? Are you only targeting middle-aged and older folks?”

It was a crystal-clear moment for me. Not everyone grasped the essence of “Keep the Mind Young.” Time to shed some light on what it’s all about.

Keeping our minds young is as simple as staying engaged with life, embracing curiosity, and trying new things. Take my dearest friend, for instance. He’s a sprightly 95-year-old who, in spirit, is still a mischievous 10-year-old. Just recently, on his 95th birthday, he amused me with tales of his sea kayaking adventure and about him going to the beach in Tel Aviv joining the youngsters in their beach volleyball game. He’ll catch a new Broadway show with his grandkids, sporting a contagious smile and those dazzling blue eyes. I adore him to bits!

Now, picture this: during our morning run, we stumble and take a tumble. But instead of sulking, we flash our friend a wide grin and say, “That fall was intentional, my dear! Just practicing my Aikido moves.” Life has no falls or failures—only opportunities to learn and grow. We keep our minds youthful by venturing beyond our comfort zones, exploring new cuisines, trying novel activities, and taking different routes through our own neighborhoods. And if fear holds us back, that’s when a coach comes in handy. They’ll walk alongside us, helping us chase our dreams.

Speaking of chasing, let me tell you about my latest love affair. He’s not from my tribe, not my usual cultural cup of tea. Even my son raised an eyebrow and quipped, “Asian?! That’s not your style!” I hesitated, uncertain for months, reluctant to let him get too close. But lo and behold, he won me over. I realized I had been judging him based on my own outdated biases, missing out on an extraordinary man. Thankfully, he never gave up on me.

So, as long as I have myself, I know I have enough. I am enough. There’s nothing to lose, only marvelous stories to gain for the book of my life. It’s funny how the younger generation often finds itself stressed, anxious, and afraid to fully embrace life’s possibilities. They feel judged and trapped by their fears. At Nevita (Germination in Hebrew), I believe everyone deserves the chance to grow beyond themselves and live a fulfilling, healthy life. I’m here to accompany you on this journey, to embark on new adventures together. Ready to dive in?

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