Keep the Mind Young- the daily challenge -June 26th, 2023

Sometimes there are days that drag me down for no apparent reason, other than the day itself. Perhaps it’s because I spend the entire day seated, studying or working. I realize I haven’t been outside enough. Yesterday was one of those days. It began with a great yoga class, but after spending five hours in a Zoom meeting, I emerged feeling sad. A heaviness weighed on me from within, and my chest felt pressured.

Despite having to maintain professionalism with my colleagues, I couldn’t contain my negativity, and I ended up being harsh and aggressive towards the people I love. That’s when I decided to take a walk in nature. I strolled, disconnecting from myself, observing everything around me as if it were my first day on this planet. I marveled at the little things—a diligent ant carrying a dead bee, insects on a leaf, and fresh raindrops on a plant. It felt comforting, a sense of belonging and being part of something greater. I rediscovered myself.

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